Embeded excel sheet is zoomed


we are generating editable presentations, as a requirement.

here we are embedding the excel object and on top of that we are placing the image.

when we double click the image the excel sheet is displayed so that we can edit data.
but when we double click it the excel sheet that comes, looks like a zoomed excel sheet( may be 30 %).because of which we are finding difficult to edit the data in the cells.

please help in this regard



Thank you for considering Aspose.

Well, I am not very clear about your issue. Please create a sample application and post it here to reproduce the issue. We will check it soon. You may also try by setting the Ole object size by using Worksheets.SetOleSize and see if it fits your need. Please check the following link for details: Creating Excel chart and embedding them as OLE Object inside a Presentation.

Also, if you are using Aspose.Slides, please also post the details on Aspose.Slides forum. So they can also investigate this issue if it is caused by Aspose.Slides. Following is the link of Aspose.Slides forum:

Thank You & Best Regards,