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Embeding Font Subset


i haven’t found an option to enable embeding of a font subset. If i set
the IsFontEmbeded oprion, then the whole font is embededed. This option
is also prette useless for smaller pdf documents, because of the size

Is there a possibility to embede only a fonst subset?



Dear Robert,

Thank you for considering Aspose.

I have noted this problem too. We will try to support embeding font subset in the future version. As a work around, if you set the IsUnicode="true", only font subset will be embeded.


actually we allready used the IsUnicode option before, but than we had
a problem with some german characters in text. When we opened such
generated pdf in adobre acrobat and then printed, on some printers
(Lexmar Optra M410 with PS driver for example) an error ocurred in the
place where this german character shoud be printed.

This is the error message:

ERROR: ioerror



[-null- ]



This seems to do have something with how you CID encode the true type
font. If i create a document in acrobat (acrobat also uses CID keyed
True Type font in this case) the document can by printed. Maybe this is
not directly a bug on your side, but some unlucky cobination between
Aspose.Pdf, acrobat an the printer driver. I can post you some examle
documents if you like.

Anyway, this is the problem with the IsUnicode workaround. So for now i must not embed font at all in my pdf documents.

I know your problem now. I will study the issue of embeding font subset and try to solve the probelm.

Hi Tommy,

did you made any progress regarding this issue?

Thank you.


Dear Robert,

I have studied this issue and find I need much time to support this. I will notify you when we have exact plan.