EML to PDF conversion with Body

Hi Team ,

I am facing 1 issue during eml to PDF conversion.

half of body content is coming in top position.
adding sample eml and output file
aspose ticket.zip (409.5 KB)

Hello, @genind

I created a EMAILNET-40859 ticket for this issue. You will be notified as soon as we resolve it.


Hi Team,

I can see issue status is resolved, can you share code update?

Tarun Srivastava

Hello, @genind

Yes, the ticket is resolved, but not closed. And for that, the changes must be verified and go through the building process and release publication. Unfortunately, we cannot accelerate this process. Please wait for the planned 22.12 version release.
Thank you for understanding, and sorry for inconvenience.

Hi @DmitryS,

Can you share relase date for version 22.12?



The release will be published around 29th or 30th. Thanks.