EnableAJAX Not Working for FireFox

I'm using aspose.grid and so far I've been very impressed.

Unfortunately, I'm unable to get the AJAX feature working properly for FireFox. My development environment is: Visual Studio 2003 w/.Net Framework 1.1 Everything seems to work fine in IE. The FireFox version is

I can't even get the AJAX abilities to work in FireFox for the online demo here at aspose.com. It allows me to enter values into the cells, but it doesn't automatically update.

Any ideas what this could be? I'm setting the EnableAJAX to True. Any help would be truly appreciated!!


Well, Aspose.Grid.Web provides its full functionality in IE and there might be some restriction(s) if you are using some other browser types e.g.., FireFox. We always enhance support for GridWeb's features to work on other browsers with every new release of the control. We recommend you to use IE now, we will look into the feature for FireFox soon.

By the way, could you try our latest version 2.0.0 if it fixes the issue: http://www.aspose.com/community/files/53/visual-components/aspose.grid/entry126616.aspx

Thank you.

Thanks for the advice! I still have the issue with 2.0.0. Unfortunately, my user audience is not restricted to using just IE. The site is public and so FireFox is something I have to accomodate.

Prior to purchasing Aspose.Grid, I reviewed carefully the browser capabilities chart found at:

I still do not see anything there that indicates the EnableAJAX is something only available to IE. Is this “browser capabilities” incomplete? If this feature is not supported within FireFox it will be costly to me in terms of development time, cost of the component, etc.

Does anyone have any other suggestions? Again, I would very much appreciate any advice or support to get EnableAJAX to work with FireFox.

I'm starting to feel a little buyer's remorse.

I failed to mention earlier: that I also experience the same problem when using Visual Studio 2005 using .Net Framework 2.0 with the Aspose.Grid 2.0.0


Thanks for providing us further details.

We will look into it soon.

Thanks for your patience.


Well, Currently, I 'm afraid the GridWeb's MS Ajax features won't work properly on FireFox (the browsers other than IE), we can look into it but we have to complete some other important tasks on hand. So, we recommend you to use IE browser for it.

Thanks for your time and understanding.

I've noticed even more differences in behavior between FireFox and Internet Explorer. I can certainly understand Aspose might have "other important tasks on hand." However, prior to purchase I reviewed the "browser's capabilities" chart found at:

and there was no mention of EnableAJAX not working with FireFox. I am an independent developer and my resources of money and time are scarce…both of which were strained due to Aspose’s lack of candor regarding browser differences.

Although I tested prior to purchase, I could not test every conceivable feature within my project's time frame. I naively relied upon Aspose to accurately document their product's abilities. Telling me in a support forum that Aspose.Grid really works better with IE seems a little remiss given that someone would be hard-pressed to find official pre-purchase information on your website that states your product works better (is designed for) IE.

I also can NOT arbitrarily tell my client to use IE. His website is available to the public. Some stats show 20+% of internet users are using a non-IE browser. Instead of ME forcing thousands of potential users to use IE, perhaps Aspose could just be more forthright. That would have saved me the hassle, money and time!