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Enterpise Custom Fields from .mpp file

We are investigating if Aspose.Tasks can help us to solve a problem with loading and operating data from .mpp files (filled in connected to project server clients, but not published or saved on server) in the same way we operate data from Reporting DB. So we need to load enterpise fields from .mpp file (better if we could access GUIDs of the values to connect them to project server instantly).
Have Aspose.Tasks such functionality and is there some documentation or project in examples?

Update: I can access definitions of enterpise fields through project.ExtendedAttributes, but values are empty. When I open same project through MS Project - I see values in this properties.

Hi Konstantin,

Thank you for writing to Aspose support team.

The Project.ExtendedAttributes are the right properties that can be used to retrieve such information. Could you please share your sample file with us so that we can further investigate the issue at our end and assist you in this regard?

Hello Kashif!

We would try to create such file, but the problem is just in one case, which can be fully described:
  1. We create project in MS Project 2010, connected to our Project Server PWA;
  2. We fill project enterprise properties and save project as mpp file, not publishing it to server;
  3. We copy it to a virtual machine, where Aspose.Tasks-based solution is deployed;
  4. If we now open it with MS Project 2010 installed there (also connected to Project Server PWA), we will see all enterprise properties correctly;
  5. If we open file through solution by provided code, we don't get any of enterprise property value.
var reader = new ProjectReader();
var project = reader.Read(filePath);

foreach (var attr in project.ExtendedAttributes)
Debug.WriteLine(String.Format("{0}: {1}", attr.FieldName,
attr.ValueList.Aggregate(String.Empty, (c, v) => c + String.Format("{0} ({1}), ", v.Val, v.Id)).TrimEnd(new[] { ' ', ','})));

All value lists are empty here.
Hi Konstantin,

I have tried to re-produce the scenario here but found it difficult as required environment is not configured here. Therefore, it is requested that you may please send us some sample MPP file which can be used here to observe the issue and provide assistance as soon as possible.

Your cooperation and understanding is highly appreciated in this regard.

Hi Kashif,

We have created sample project file and I’ve send it to you by forum mail.
Hi Konstantin,

Thank you for providing the sample file. The sample MPP file is analyzed and it is observed that extended attribute definitions are there in the project.ExtendedAttributes list. The same MPP file is converted to XML file and opened in XML editor. I am afraid that I could not observe the field values as GUIDs as mentioned by you in your email on forum.

Could you please send us some snapshots of these "field values as GUIDs" while XML opened in notepad or XML editor. It will help us to analyze the issue and provide assistance as soon as possible.

We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to you in this regard.