EPS image stamp is rasterised in PDF export

EPS image inserted as a stamp into PDF gets rasterised. Please advise if this is a bug or limitation of aspose.page library?

Dirty code snippet:

  void vectorImage() throws Exception {
    byte[] imageBytes =
        new ClassPathResource("images/braske.eps").getInputStream().readAllBytes();

    PsDocument vectorDocument = new PsDocument(new ByteArrayInputStream(imageBytes));
    ByteArrayOutputStream vectorOutputStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
    vectorDocument.saveAsPdf(vectorOutputStream, new PdfSaveOptions());

    ByteArrayInputStream vectorInputStream = new ByteArrayInputStream(vectorOutputStream.toByteArray());
    PdfPageStamp stamp = new PdfPageStamp(vectorInputStream, 1);
    try (Document document = new Document()) {
    } catch (Exception e) {

braske.eps.zip (328.9 KB)


We tested in our environment. Can you please share the expected PDF document as well that you want to obtain from the API? How you want the stamp in the output PDF (if not as rasterized image)?