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EPS to JPEG Conversion Size and Resolution Are Immutable

I’m attempting to use Aspose.Page v20.9 to convert an EPS file to JPEG. I loaded up the HelloWorld example application and started trying some things out. The PostScriptToImage function in the app performs the following:

System::SharedPtrSystem::Drawing::Imaging::ImageFormat imageFormat = System::Drawing::Imaging::ImageFormat::get_Jpeg();
System::SharedPtrSystem::IO::FileStream psStream = System::MakeObjectSystem::IO::FileStream(dataDir() + u"", System::IO::FileMode::Open, System::IO::FileAccess::Read);
System::SharedPtr document = System::MakeObject(psStream);
bool suppressErrors = true;
System::SharedPtr options = System::MakeObject(suppressErrors);
System::SharedPtrAspose::Page::EPS::Device::ImageDevice device = System::MakeObjectAspose::Page::EPS::Device::ImageDevice(System::Drawing::Size(595, 842), imageFormat);
document->Save(device, options);

System::ArrayPtr<System::ArrayPtr<uint8_t>> imagesBytes = device->get_ImagesBytes();
int32_t i = 0;
for (System::ArrayPtr<uint8_t> imageBytes : imagesBytes)
System::String imagePath = System::IO::Path::GetFullPath(outDir() + System::String(u"out_image") + System::Convert::ToString(i) + u".jpg");
System::SharedPtrSystem::IO::FileStream fs = System::MakeObjectSystem::IO::FileStream(imagePath, System::IO::FileMode::Create, System::IO::FileAccess::Write);
System::Details::DisposeGuard<1> __dispose_guard_1({ fs });
fs->Write(imageBytes, 0, imageBytes->get_Length());

Using from the example app and playing around with the size passed into the device constructor, I found the following:

595,842 gives me a 793 by 1123 pixel output, not sure what to expect here but this seems wrong
1200,1200 gives me a 1600 by 1600 pixel output, I expected 1200x1200 so not sure why it’s larger than I requested

I switched to using the attached “2.eps” file, which is the format I really care (250.0 KB)

I tried the following sizes into the device constructor: 595 x 842, 1200 x 1200, and 400 x 400. In every case, I end up with an output that is 669 x 477. I seem to have no control over the output size.

Also, in every case my outputs are 96 DPI. I’ve combed the documentation but I can’t find a way to change the output resolution for EPS to Image conversion (looks possible for XPS’s API though).


We are looking into the scenario and will get back to you shortly.