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ePub Cover

Hello I have tried to implement a solution to get book covers to work for ePub files however it doesn’t seam to work.

I assume I should be usingteh thumbnail property of BuiltInDocumentProperties ?

Many thanks

Adam Bates

It appears to place the image as the first page of the book, but the image still doesn’t render in ePUB readers. Which makes it no better than simply adding a page to the start of the document. I assume I am doing somethign wrong as this cant be the implementation?



Hi Adam,

Thanks for your inquiry. Could you please attach your input Word documents (with book covers in first page) here for testing? I will investigate the issue on my side and provide you more information.

Best Regards,

- Simple word file
- Cover
- Output epub

Hi Adam,

Thanks for this additional information.

The internals required to specify an EPUB cover are actually pretty complex. There is no “standard”, each reader seems to have it’s own way of extracting a cover page either from the first HTML file, any appropriate file with the keyword “cover”, or the first image around the correct size etc.

We found that including the cover in the way you are seeing is the best way to get all readers to recognize it. Could you please specify what eReader you are using where the cover does not show up?

Also, your EPUB seems very big for some reason, the packed content should only be 10kb but the file is 35kb in size. On my side the conversion resulted in a 4kb EPUB. Did you post-process this file in any way?


Hi Adam Skelton/Aspose

It is very frustrating that this isn’t resolved. We’re coming up to our 12mth renewal and core features we were told would be available when we originally bought Aspose.Words last year are still not available.

I have emails relating to the cover questions (among other features) that we were advise would be available during 2011 (around August we were told), that still aren’t working or available. I’ve raised this a number of times with people at Aspose and we still have no final resolutions and are still having issues.

Adam Bates (who originally posted above on this topic stream) is our Head of Site Dev and has deadlines on improvements to the site prior to our big launch soon. Aspose’s responses are disappointingly preventing him from hitting his deadlines and are also holding back our site from moving forward.

As a paying customer I expect a decent level of service, and I am increasingly frustrated with the delays that Aspose are causing us, as well as the fact that you don’t seen to deliver to the timeframes you set out for improvements to the product that we bought.

A resolution to this is need ASAP, and I would someone to be in touch with me who I can speak to about our experience over the last 11mths and work a way forward to prevent it happening again.

Kind regards

Adam O
Owner & Director

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your inquiry.

Actually this feature is ready and is already available in the most recent releases. Please refer to my previous post. Doing a quick test using Aspose.Words 11.1.0 and Adobe Digital Editions generates an EPUB with a cover as expected. Could you please specify what eReader you are using?

Regarding the timing, we apologise that this feature was not available in early 2011 when you reported it. We strive to support all features requested by customers as soon as possible, however the nature of the issue may mean that implementation takes longer. Since we are also busy with other requests it means that the feature may not be implemented immediately.

Also note you can purchase the Priority Support package in order to further escalate your issues and get them looked at quicker.


I have attached the code which is mainly code snippets from the forum, but I would be interested if you can see why the files might be getting bloated.

We tested the ePub in iBooks as it must be up there now as the most used software based ePub reader due to the amount of devices it must be installed on, not that I can find any research to back that up. Which eReaders have tested the book cover on?
By the way I have had to login with an old Aspose account as the login via Google is not working any more…

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your inquiry.

My apoloigses, there was no issue with bloating, the image size was simply the difference when the cover image was added. If you are finding that the EPUB becomes much larger compared to the input image then please inform me.

Regarding the cover image not working in iWorks, I could not reproduce the issue. Viewing a test EPUB in iBooks on iPhone displayed the cover as expected. Could you please attach your input document and output EPUB here for testing?

I have posted a new thread about your login problem on the Aspose.Portal forum so the web team can help you further with that.


Can you confirm that the manor in which I am attaching the cover for the ePuB is correct and that there is no dimensions I should be working too.

Many thanks for your time


NB: Forum with google seams to be working again.

Hi Adam,

Yes your code looks correct, I use the exact identical code to yours during testing. If you are able to attach a sample input or output which reproduces the problem then I can look into the problem further for you.