Equations Are Missing and Content Is Incorrect when Converting Slides to Images in C++

  • version:aspose-slides-cpp-windows-23.1
  • The fill color obtained by the following code is incorrect
void SaveShapeImage(System::String pptFilePath)
    System::SharedPtr<System::IO::FileStream> stream = System::MakeObject<System::IO::FileStream>(pptFilePath, System::IO::FileMode::Open, System::IO::FileAccess::Read, System::IO::FileShare::ReadWrite);
    System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Slides::Presentation> presentation = System::MakeObject<Aspose::Slides::Presentation>(stream);
    System::SharedPtr<ISlideCollection> slides = presentation->get_Slides();
    for (int slideIdx = 0; slideIdx < slides->get_Count(); slideIdx++)
        System::SharedPtr<Aspose::Slides::ISlide> slide = slides->idx_get(slideIdx);
        System::SharedPtr<IShapeCollection> shapes = slide->get_Shapes();
        for (int i = 0, n = shapes->get_Count(); i < n; i++)
            System::SharedPtr<IShape> shape = shapes->idx_get(i);
            System::SharedPtr<System::Drawing::Bitmap> bitmap = shape->GetThumbnail();
            //TODO:Save picture to file

original data:
src.png (7.8 KB)
thumbnail data:
error.png (13.6 KB)

  • There are two problems with images saved through shape thumbnail
  • 1、Picture blank
  • 2、Wrong picture content

resource:desing.zip (138.2 KB)

Thank you for contacting support. I am working on the issue and will get back to you as soon as possible.

I was unable to reproduce the issues you described with Aspose.Slides for C++ 23.1/23.2. Please check the issues carefully again. If the issues persist, please share more details on how to do this.

I am very sorry that the problem was caused by our use error

Thank you for the information.