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Equivalent Word editor as well as automation

I just discovered the Aspose products. We need to provide a Word like editor as well as Word automation capabilities. Basically, users will need to be able to add content within different areas of the application (using standard Word like capabilities). The application will then need to grab the individual sections, provide additional formatting, and output a single Word compliant file. In addition, we may want to tranform the file into a PDF document.

My first take was the Aspose.Word provided a Word like editor. However, the more I look it appears to be providing the automation capabilities for Word (which is something we still need) and does them vary well. Does Aspose.Word provide a Word equivalent editor as well? If not, can someone recommend one? Primarily looking for something in Java.

Thanks for any help.

Our most recent product Aspose.Editor is the editor control, but it is for Windows Forms .NET only. There is no Java version.

Aspose.Editor is in its early versions so it might not do all what you want, but let us know what do you think. Feedback is appreciated.

Aspose.Editor provides the editor and an object model (with Range, Paragraph, Section, Font etc objects), although the object model for programmatic document manipulation is not as extended as in Aspose.Words.

At the moment Aspose.Editor only works directly with WordML files, but next release will have Aspose.Words built into it so it will be able to open DOC and HTML files.

Yet one release after that will allow to save files from Aspose.Editor not only to WordML, but to DOC, RTF, HTML and PDF.

Thanks for the quick reply. I missed seeing the Aspose.Editor control. We would need the more complex capabilities included in the next release (inserting tables, images). However, if Aspose.Word can handle manipulating the current WordML output we would not need any other output formats.

Do you think Aspose.Editor will ever be implemented for the Java environment?

We have a current Java/Swing application that we would like to use Aspose.Word and Aspose.Editor within. However, if need be it could always be ported to .Net.

Aspose.Words will soon be able to read WordML. 4.0 only allows export WordML.

There is no plan to port Aspose.Editor to Java yet. Maybe as it matures a bit more, we port it. But we have Aspose.Words for Java.