Error checking


If the demo that you have posted is the most current release, you need to do some serious error handling and datatype checking.

Use controls for dates and times are nearly required for most end user apps these days. Do validations on date or time types. As it is no one could just by the control as it is. They would almost have to buy the source code to fix some of these kinds of bugs.



Thanks for your feedback.

The only place where validation in Aspose.Recurrence.Demos.WebForms is not performed well enough is in the list of Occurrences, in the Occurrence Date field.

Please note, that Aspose.Recurrence (the product) has nothing to do with user input or validation and that’s part of the demo application. But I will review the demo and add validation to that field.

Also note, that all fields on the Add/Edit Task Form and all user input in Aspose.Recurrence.Demos.WinForms application (demo with the same features, but for WinForms) have good quality validation mechanism.