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Error CS0010: Cannot declare a namespace and a type both named '?'

I am getting the following error after adding Aspose.Cells to my project and not sure what is causing this or what I can do about it. Please help, Thanks.

c:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.1.4322\Temporary ASP.NET Files\dev_engtools\f434df7c\73658c05\assembly\dl2\385ed0e0\006eea68_5b8ec601\Aspose.Cells.DLL: error CS0010: Cannot declare a namespace and a type both named 'ࣀ'

Which version of Aspose.Cells are you using? None of other users found this problem before. Could you please create a simple console application and try to add reference to Aspose.Cells.dll? Do you use other obfuscated dll?

I am using version, downloaded it last Friday. I use other obfuscated dlls without problems. I will try creating a sample app and see if I get the same error. The current environment is a .NET 1.1 web app written in C#.

No other user reported this problem and we also don’t find it in our place. Maybe it’s a conflict with your other obfuscated dlls. A simple test app can help to figure out this problem.

it was another dll that was conflicting with it. I’ve been using Aspose.Words (version 3.5) and that was causing the error. I updated to 3.6.1 and the problem is gone. Thanks for the suggestion, I wouldn’t have thought of that


just today we have run into the same problem. As it turned out with all of the latest versions of Aspose.Cells, Aspose.Pdf, Aspose.Pdf.Kit and Aspose.Words we get the aforementioned error when compiling against another vendor’s Smtp library (also obfuscated).

Now I did some research and this thread (scroll to bottom) makes it (a) clear and (b) sounds obvious to me. Is there any chance to get this changed / fixed with some next release(s)? Currently we’re unable to build our solution against the latest components

I would also like to point this out to the other developers of Aspose components. Laurence, if you could “coordinate”, I simply do not want to spam and post this in all four formus.

Thanks in advance

Kai Iske

Dear Kai,

What's the SMTP library are you using?

I will tell other Aspose developers about this issue.


it’s Quiksoft Smtp.Net

I know, maybe a different version of their or your components might fix the issue. However this can’t be a solution to try and find a working permutation of component versions.


Hi Kai,

I download and try Quicksoft Easymail and try and don't find this problem.

I use the following environment:

1. Aspose.Cells.dll v3.9.1

2. v3.0.1

3. .NET 1.1

Could you post your aspose.cells.dll and here? I will check if it has this problem.


I have attached a sample application that shows it under VS.NET 2003. The SMTP component we’re using is


Hi Kai,

After using ildasm to check it, I find that's a problem of in v3.0.0.8. In v3.0.1, they fixed it.

Generally speaking, when obfuscating their v3.0.0.8 dll, they renamed their internal namespaces and creates some namespace which conflicts with other obfucated dll. In v3.0.1, they found this problem and fixed it. You can download and try their new version.

Hi Laurence,

thanks so much for looking into this for us. I have upgraded and it works just fine now.

Thanks again Laurence for the great support especially finding a problem with / in another vendor’s component.