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Error doing POP3 to Gmail or Yahoo


I am trying to read POP3 emails from Gmail.

If I have more than 1 messages, GetMessageCount works and I can get the first message, but FetchMessage(2) fails with the with this error.

System.FormatException: Smtp server returned an invalid response.
at Aspose.Network.Pop3.xc0113876a6178336.x428af81c052664cd(Byte[] x5cafa8d49ea71ea1, Int32 x374ea4fe62468d0f, Int32 x5586b6ed3aa176aa, Boolean x2a61df92f136d15f)
at Aspose.Network.Pop3.xc0113876a6178336.x57b93d62121e7a3c(x797e8d0c84c1dd5e xceac2b54ad924cdf, Boolean x892516b850cc2461, String x35a507a8c5f24ce2)
at Aspose.Network.Pop3.xc0113876a6178336.x57b93d62121e7a3c(x797e8d0c84c1dd5e xceac2b54ad924cdf, String x35a507a8c5f24ce2)
at Aspose.Network.Pop3.x797e8d0c84c1dd5e.x57b93d62121e7a3c()
at Aspose.Network.Pop3.xc8a1d7db7ff34f86.x84d9b3e70177e6d3(xa4caae318ec80e48 x79ee3f6bdf75f984, String xffe521cc76054baf)
at Aspose.Network.Pop3.xbd7c6d6ce473ab8a.x2de48dbd5ff873e9(xa4caae318ec80e48 x79ee3f6bdf75f984, String x1f25abf5fb75e795)
at Aspose.Network.Pop3.x273b0563d5729a6f.xaf6f14d2834d8a01(Int32 x2868ae090935eb96)
at Aspose.Network.Pop3.Pop3Client.FetchMessage(Int32 sequenceNumber)
at AsposeSmtpTest.TestAspose.DoConnectSinglePOP3()}

Also trying to Delete the messages DeleteAllMessages or DeleteMessage fails with the same error. I am also having this issue when trying to do POP3 to Yahoo.

Any ideas on how to work around this issue?

thank you

I forgot to add my small program from which I replicate the problems in my original post.


Please check the latest hotfix dll.


I apologize. I forgot to mention the version and I am already using 4.8.1.

I got confused by the fact that dates did not change on the download. So I grabbed the new version (the dll version is and my problems are gone.

thank you very much.