Error extracting zip from a zip

There is some sample code in an aspose blog that shows how to extract a zip from a zip file but it throws an error when I try to run in on a zip file I have that contains two other zip files. The zip file opens fine in WinZip pro, but from the sample code it throws the error:

Message=Signature of end of central directory does not match. Make sure the source is valid zip archive.

The code from the blog throws an error on the line using (var nestedArchive = new Archive(nestedArchiveStream))

The code in the blog is:

// Open ZIP file in a file stream
using (FileStream zipFile = File.Open(“Archives/”, FileMode.Open))
// Load ZIP file using Archive class
using (Archive archive = new Archive(zipFile, new ArchiveLoadOptions()))
// Access each entry in ZIP archive
foreach(ArchiveEntry entry in archive.Entries)
// Create memory stream for nested archive
MemoryStream nestedArchiveStream = new MemoryStream();

            // Copy archive to memory stream

            // Load the nested archive from memory stream
            using (var nestedArchive = new Archive(nestedArchiveStream))
                // Extract archive to disk.




Hello @TerryCarr,
Are sure that file is zip archive, not other archive format that WinZip supports?
Could you provide us with that file to review? (5.0 MB)

I just figured it out. Once I applied the temporary license, it extracted the whole zip file