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Error in Aspose PDF


I’m evaluating Aspose PDF, however, when I some demos I’m obtaining the following error (when acrobat reader opens the generated file):

‘There was an error processing a page. To few operands’.

When the error message is closed, another error appears:

'An unrecognized token ‘0,519608’ was found.

I’m using ‘Visual Studio .NET 2003’ (definitive version, not beta) running in ‘Windows .NET server’ (definitive version, not beta).

Please, can you help me?

Thanks in advance.


Dear Enric,

Thanks for your consideration.

1. Are you evaluating the latest release of Aspose.Pdf?

2. Which demos aren’t OK while which demos are OK?

Yes, I’m using the last version.

I’m executing the ‘Visual Basic’ demos and only works the following demos:

Alphabetical List of products
Customer labels

Thank you

Dear Enric,

I have a further request.

Could you move the Demos folder to another drive, for example, d:\demos, and then point the virtual directory direct to it.

The, let me know if the other demos work.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Hi Ben,

I have moved the demos to ‘d:\demosAspose’ and the result is the same: only works two demos.


Dear Enric,

The problem appears to be with importing image files into the pdf. “Alphabetical List of products” and “Customer labels” don’t import image files, so they’re OK.

We’re investigating further. Another question: Is your file sytsem FAT32 or NTFS?

Thanks for your cooperation.

Hi Again,

I’m using NTFS

Dear Enric,

We’re trying to fix it but we can’t reproduce the error. We need some more cooperation.

Would you like to email us a buggy Pdf document created with Pdf.CompressionLevel = 0 ?

Thanks for understanding.

OK, I will send it to you.

Dear Enric,

Are you using Spanish OS?

We guess the problem is from that. We are fixing it and we will reply soon.


No, I’m using English OS, but I have the regional settings set to ‘Spanish’.

Dear Enric,

As a test, could you change the reginal settings from ‘Spanish’ to ‘English(US)’ or any other country’s English. Then try to demos and tell me what happens.

Thanks for your cooperation.

Hi Ben,

I have tested it and the demos continues displaying the error.

Best regards


Dear Enric,

A quick idiot question: Will a float in Spanish, such as 12.345, be expressed as 12,345?

Based on our current thinking, the problem is caused by changing ‘.’ to ‘,’ in your machine when it creates the Pdf documents. We used UtraEdit to change all ‘,’ back to ‘.’ in a page, and that page is OK.

Thanks for your patience.

Hi Ben,

Yes, in Spain we use ‘,’ as a decimal separator and ‘.’ as a thousand separator.

Dear Enric,

We’ve got it!

Thanks for your kindly cooperation.

Soon a hot fix will be available and I will tell you the download link.


Best regards


Dear Enric,

Please download the latest hot fix and replace the installed Aspose.Pdf.dll.

Please tell me what happens.

I Ben,

I have tested the fix. Now, it works better, however, some demos continues displaying errors.

The following demos are ok:

1. Alphabetical list of products: OK

2. Catalog: Now, the first page is shown correctly, however wen I try to display the second page, an error appears.

3. Catalog subreport: OK

4. Customer labels: OK

5. Employee sales by country: Error

6. Invoice: Error

7. Products by category: OK

8. Sales by year: OK

9. Sales by year subreport: OK

10. Sales totals by amount: OK

11. Summary of sales by quarter: OK

12. Summary of sales by year: OK

The errors displayed by ‘no ok’ demos are:

First error: 'There was an error processing a page. Wrong number of arguments for a setcolor operator’

Second error: 'An unrecognized token 0,627451 was found’

Best regards


Dear Enric,

Thanks for your valuable input!

Here is the host fix again and tell me what happens.