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Error in Designer


When I click in Aspose.Grid.Web Designer... link, I get the error:

Asp.Net Runtime culdn´t start: Error: Could not file or assembly Aspose.Grid.Web, version, Culture = Neutral, PublicKeyToken=.....

Take a look the attachment.

Thank you


Thanks for considering Aspose.

Which Visual Studio.Net you are using? I think the problem might relate that you are not using the installed Aspose.Grid.Web version, the version you are using is just a latest hotfix that you have only copied / replacing the two files (.dll and .js) to the Aspose installed folders. But this version will work well apart from this info error.

We will also check to figure out it soon.

Thank you.

Hi, it´s it! I instaled the version, and just copied the dll and .js files. I´m using the Visual Studio 2005 with Ajax.

Thank you


The designer could be error after install a newer hotfix dll. We will soon build a new designer runtime for you.

Thank you for considering Aspose.