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Error Inheriting Aspose.Imaging.Image Class

Potential Defect/Bug: We get the following error when trying to Inherit the Aspose.Imaging.Image class. Do you know why this is occurring and what we need to do to resolve this?

Class ‘ImageCtm’ must either be declared ‘MustInherit’ or override the following inherited ‘MustOverride’ member(s):
Image: Friend MustOverride Overloads Function kdpagfj68j63c55yfyctsx59qssnqmta​ ( As ImageOptionsBase, As , As Rectangle) As ApsPage. Core \ImageCtm.vb 6 ActiveAsposeError.png (9.7 KB)

@software.sboe.ncsbe We have reproduced your issue and prepared issue : IMAGINGNET-5809. If you need to inherit, you can try to inherit from RasterImage for example, that works OK.

Good day, thanks for your response. Regarding this issue (IMAGINGNET-5809) will it be fixed in the near future? We are trying to determine if we should wait for the fix or update any “Image” references we have to to “RasterImage.”

@software.sboe.ncsbe This issue will be scheduled and queued with other issues, usually it takes few months depending on issue complexity, so if you need fast solution it is better to switch to RasterImage.