Error merging PDF documents created with Aspose.Words

We use Aspose.Words to convert Word documents to PDF (saveToPdf method). Afterwards we merge several PDF documents to one PDF document with the PDFMergerUtility of Apache PDFbox (appendDocument method). We discovered that this utility works fine for all PDF’s, except for PDF’s generated with Aspose!
I attached 3 PDF documents: Both ‘test1.pdf’ and ‘test2.pdf’ were generated with Aspose.Words and saved as PDF. The file ‘merged.pdf’ was created with Apache PDFbox.
The files were merged als follows: test1.pdf was appended to test2.pdf
As you can see the result is not as expected. In this example, the second page (test1.pdf) is corrupted during the append.
By the way: we are using PDFbox because Aspose.Pdf does not seem to support appending PDF documents to one antother. Is this correct?


Thanks for your interest in Aspose products. First variant: you can load your documents into Document objects, then you can merge these documents using appendDocument method, see the following link:
After that you can convert the resulted document to PDF.
Second variant: if you would like to convert your document to PDF and after that merge them, you should use Aspose.Words to convert documents to PDF and Aspose.Pdf.Kit to concatenate PDFs.
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I know that there are alternative ways to generate one PDF from more than one document. Our main concern however is, that some way or another, all PDF documents generated with Aspose have some strange and unwanted behaviour when we try to combine them to one document. Somehow something is wrong “inside” that we can not explain. This may lead to future problems if it remains unfixed.
By the way: I did not know that Aspose.Pdf.Kit also can concatenate PDF’s. Thanks! Maybe we’ll replace PDFbox by Pdf.Kit


Thank you for additional information. All PDF documents generated by Aspose.Words pass validation. So I suppose there can be some problem with PDFBox.
Regarding using Aspose.Pdf.Kit please see the following link:
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