Error Message in Excel.Save() method


When I use Aspose.Excel to save my modified excel file, it throw an exception:

Aspose.Excel.Record.c5.a(c3 A_0, t A_1, Worksheets A_2)
Aspose.Excel.Worksheets.a(String A_0, SaveType A_1, FileFormatType A_2, HttpResponse A_3)

[Exception: Errors in Excel Save method]
Aspose.Excel.Worksheets.a(UInt32 A_0, Exception A_1)
Aspose.Excel.Worksheets.a(String A_0, SaveType A_1, FileFormatType A_2, HttpResponse A_3)
Aspose.Excel.Excel.Save(String resultSpreadsheet, FileFormatType fileFormatType)
Aspose.Excel.Excel.Save(String resultSpreadsheet) …

I find a message “Access denied because you do not have enough permissions, or another user has the file open and locked.“
But … I never open that report file, file permission is “Everyone”.
How can I resolve this problem?

My Code is following…
public override string GenerateReport(DataTable Source)
Hashtable htIndex = this.GetReportCellIndex(this.g_Index);
int CurrentRowIndex = this.g_Index;
string strTempReportFileName = Guid.NewGuid().ToString();
   foreach (DataRow row in Source.Rows)
// navigate columns and process data fill operation.
foreach (DataColumn column in Source.Columns)
// get cell’s row and column index.
if (htIndex.ContainsKey(column.ColumnName))
if (row[column.ColumnName].ToString() != String.Empty)
   this.g_xls.Save(String.Format(”{0}\{1}.xls”, this.g_strTempFilePath, strTempReportFileName));

return String.Format("{0}.xls", strTempReportFileName);

Thanks a lot!!


Is your application a web app? If yes, please change your code from

this.g_xls.Save(String.Format("{0}\{1}.xls", this.g_strTempFilePath, strTempReportFileName));


this.g_xls.Save(“book1.xls”, SaveType.OpenInExcel, FileFormatType.Default, this.Response);

That can test if your program has the permission to access the directory. You should make the directory permission to read/write for your application.