Error message when i open excel file



I create a Excel file with Aspose. When i open the file a message say that the file is generated with erros.

But i can't see why.

If you have an idea, i put the file.




Hi Arnaud,

Which version of Aspose.Cells are you using? Could you please post your sample code here? Thank you.


And please try this attached version.


I use the version

I try the last version, but it doesn't work. I note that when i have only one sheet it is ok.

The code is complex and use many project so it not easy to send the code.



Dear Arnaud,

This is a bug in v3.7 and it's already fixed.

How do you deploy the latest version? Have you modified your code for this change? Please right-click the reference in your project and make sure that this v4.0.1.3 is deployed in your application.


Sorry i did a bad manipulation. It is working.

Thanks a lot.