Error message when opening excel


I’m getting a message “File Error: data may have been lost” when opening the excel file that I have created.

I have a template excel file with formulas and then I using the putvalue to put data over to the excel file. I’m doing this in winforms.

I get the error message and then the majority of my formulas are not working. #REF message.

Any help will be grately appreciated.



Dear Scott,

Please email us the template excel file and vb/c# code.

Thanks for your cooperation.


I have emailed you the template excel and some sample code.



Dear Scott,

In your designer file, there are some shared formulas that I had not thought about. I fixed the problem. You will get the new release soon.

Thank you very much.


I see that the ‘$’ is causing the problem. I have removed them and it works fine for those formulas. The following formula seems to be giving me problems




Dear Scott,

Thank you for your test.

When you add ‘$’ in the formula, Microsoft Excel will add new record to the result file. That causes the problem in previous version.

In Aspose.Excel’s new release, the bug is fixed, no matter having ‘$’ or not.

You can get the new release within several days.


What about the possible problem with the formula of =IF(B4=0,0,(J4-B4)/B4*100)


Dear Scott,

I test this formula. It works fine.


I have sent you an email with a sample that I having the same problem with. Would you look at it and give me guidence.



Dear Scott,

Please send me your sample again. I forgot to set my email account to public. Now I change the settings. My email:


Dear Scott,

Thanks for your sample. The problem is fixed in the new release.