ERROR - Method not found: 'Void System.IO.MemoryStream.Close()

I’m just trying to generate PowerPoint file from TIFF images.

When I run from my local computer it works fine.
My environment is Windows XP SP3, VS 2005, C#, ASP.NET

But When I run it from my production server, I got “Method not found: 'Void System.IO.MemoryStream.Close()” error.

The server environment is Windows 2003 Server.

I’m just create Virtual directory on the IIS.

I think I cannot create Presentation object

lcTemplateFolder = Server.MapPath(“~/Template”);
Aspose.Slides.Presentation newPres = new Presentation(@lcTemplateFolder + “\Template.ppt”);

Any idea?

Dear Calvin,

Are you using Aspose.Slides for .NET

A similar problem has been reported in this thread.

Please also attach your template.ppt and also mention the version number of Aspose.Slides for . NET.

Hello Calvin,

Use version of Aspose.Slides compiled for .Net 2.0. It’s available in Zip download.
Msi installer contains .dll compiled for .Net 1.1 and it doesn’t work with latest .Net 3.5 SP1.

I copied 2.8.9 .NET 2.0 version.
Then it works fine.