Error on first call to Aspose Word DLL



We are evaluating Aspose Word for use with an application we are developing. If it works out we will be purchasing an Developer OEM Subscription.

Our application is written in C# and our code will launch and merge the “DinnerInvitationDemo.doc” test document successfully.

Using the same code (with the appropriate fieldnames) and our own merge document we get an error on our first call to Aspose DLL. The call is:

_reportDocument = new Document(filePath);

The error we get is:

System Exception:
Aspose.Word.PleaseReportException: Multilevel autonumbering list data is encountered for a section. Please report this file to
at ?.?.?(? ?, ? ?, Int32 ?, BinaryReader ?, Byte[] ?, Int32 ?, Int32 ?)
at ?.?.?(? ?, ? ?, BinaryReader ?)
at ?.?.?(? ?, ? ?)
at ?.?.?(Int32 ?)
at ?.?.?()
at ?.?.?()
at Aspose.Word.Document.?(Stream ?)
at Aspose.Word.Document.?(Stream ?, String ?)
at Aspose.Word.Document…ctor(String fileName)
at Estimator.Client.UI.AsposeWordExporter.CreateReportDocument(String templateFileName) in C:\My Projects\SmartMove\Estimator\App Project\Estimator\Client\UI\Utils\Exporters\AsposeWordExporter.cs:line 90

I have attached our merge document (and an Excel spreadsheet that we used to set up the document) to this post. Please note that the Excel spreadsheet was ONLY used as the datasource when we initially set up the merge fields in the document. It is NOT used in ANY way by our application.

Any hints or suggestions would be very much appreciated.


Dave Dunlap


Here's the Excel file I spoke of in my original post. I couldn't seem to attach more than one document to the message.


Dave Dunlap


Dear Dave, our webmaster Dave will provide multiple attachment support very soon. Thank you to share your concerns with us.


The error is caused by some complex document structure we never encountered before. We will look into the issue asap, please expect a reply within a week or so.

You might be able to workaround and proceed if you try to find the list of heading formatting that is causing the problem and remove it.



Thanks for the quick reply. I know this isn't your problem but we will be showing our application at a meeting next weekend in Las Vegas and we need to have our "Word merge" functionality running before then, at least minimally.

You mentioned that our document contained some complex structure that you have never encountered before and that we might be able to come up with a workaround if we find "the list of heading formattingA" that is causing the problema and remove it.

I got the document we used from a client and just changed the logo and inserted some footer information. I did add some bullets to the three lines following the line that begins with "Exceptions" but I removed them when we first encountered the error. If I show "Field codes" in the document I see all the merge fields (one of which has an IF statement in it) but I don't see anything that I would call "the list of heading formatting" that you are referring to.

Can you elaborate a little on what I might look for in the document that might be causing the problem? I just don't see anything that looks like "list of heading formatting" in there.

Thanks again for your quick response.

Kind regards,

Dave Dunlap

(The document was created in Word 2003 if that makes a difference.)



Thanks for taking note of the problem. Nice to hear that you’ll soon be able to support multiple attachments.

Dave Dunlap


Although not visible in MS Word, there seems to be heading numbering settings stored in the section properties of this document.

To workaround, use MS Word:
1. Create a new empty document.
2. Turn on display of paragraph marks in MS Word (the “P” toolbar button).
3. Select all text in your document EXCEPT the very last paragraph mark, copy and paste into the new document. The reason to exclude the last paragraph mark is that it is the end of the section and carries all section properties (including heading numbering) with it.
4. Separately copy and paste your footer from the old to the new document.

Aspose.Word will process the document okay now.


Another thing, if you have one IF field in your document. Aspose.Word does not evaluate field expressions so most likely you need to remove that logic from the document. You put this logic into your data query or into a mail merge event handler if really needed.