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Error on ProjectReader.Read(file) for attached file

The attached files both throw an error when reading them into the Aspose object model.

The files were created by doing a Save As from a project that was on Project Server.

Based on the innerException, it looks like a string format is not as expected when trying to convert to TimeSpan.

Thanks for investigating!

Hi Kevin,

I was able to successfully load MPP file using Aspose.Tasks for .NET 4.0.0. Resource's baseline work format was incorrect in XML file. It was 'PT0H0M-0S' and after changing it to 'PT0H0M0S', I was able to load XML without any issue as well.

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Would you please add support for that syntax in the .xml file to your product?

The extra character was inserted by Microsoft Project when saving files that exist on MS Project Server, and is read fine by MS Project.

I don't believe your answer to my post is sufficient, since it doesn't offer a fix or a viable workaround. I don't think I can require my customers to open all their .xml files and check for syntax that is considered valid by MS Project itself.



Hi Kevin,

This issue has been logged into our issue tracking system as TASKS-33129. We will keep you updated on this issue in this thread. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Please feel free to contact us in case you have further comments or questions.

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The issues you have found earlier (filed as TASKS-33129) have been fixed in this update.

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The fix works great! Thanks.

Unfortunately, it appears that there are a few more places where the Microsoft Project, when saved from Project Server, still has that same syntax issue, but in other Work and Duration fields.

Could I please request that you take a look at the attached files, and see if a fix could be made for similar syntax, but just in all applicable areas. Hopefully it is just the same fix as before, but for a few more fields.


Hi Kevin,

Sorry, I was unable to reproduce this issue. I can read both these projects without any issue using Aspose.Tasks for .NET 4.1.0. Please have a look at the attached project for reference.

Please remove Aspose.Tasks from references of your project, add reference to 4.1.0 version again and rebuild the solution and let us know if you still see this exception.

Best Regards,

The issues you have found earlier (filed as ) have been fixed in this Aspose.Words for JasperReports 18.3 update.