Error: "Aspose.Excel.Excel' does not contain a definition for 'SetLicense"


installed trial version of Aspose, wrote some simple programs for generating excel files, which work fine.
now my company bought unlimited license, I am trying to use SetLicence method as described in your e-mail, however I can not compile the project
Error Message reads: "Aspose.Excel.Excel’ does not contain a definition for 'SetLicense"

the file that calls Aspose Excel looks like:
Using Aspose.Excel;

void download()
Excel.SetLicense(“path”); // if I comment this out, project compiles and runs with no problems…

Do I need to uninstall trial version in order to be able to use the license?


When did you download our trial version? The static SetLicense method is added since June. Please download the latest hotfix and have a try.