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Error "The type initializer for '\u0005 ' threw an exception."


Our project has been using aspose license and has a valid license with the Expiry year as 2023.
While working on one of the functionality, we are converting the Excel template document to a PDF file and then downloading the PDF file. However, this is throwing error of “The type initializer for '\u0005 ’ threw an exception.”

This doesn’t happen when we are converting from Word documents to PDF.
We are experiencing this after migrating our project from .netcore3.1 to .Net 6.0. It was working fine for .Netcore3.1

Please let me know what the possible issue could be or if you need any other information from my end to resolve this issue.



You must be using Aspose.Cells on non-Windows os and getting this error. Correct us with your operating system details if we are wrong.

We will develop (new) supported versions to fix GDI and other relevant issues which will eliminate the dependencies of System.Drawing.Common and libgdiplus on non-Windows platforms. But since the task itself involves complexities so this is not going to be implemented/supported any time soon. Our plan is to implement in sync when the official version of .NET 7 will be released by Microsoft. A ticket was already logged with an id “CELLSNETCORE-389” for it.

Could you try and follow the steps as mentioned in the post if it fixes your issue.

Please note, we have started the development of the Graphics Library and we will use SkiaSharp to complete the migration of the Graphics Library, as recommended in Microsoft’s official documentation. This will take some time to develop, as well as rigorous testing, and we plan to be available at the same period with the NET7 official version release.

Hi @ghazala7
Please refer to the document:
Getting Started|Documentation (aspose.com)

Try turn on the runtime config switch “EnableUnixSupport”.

Thanks for responding!
We have already implemented the solution in the post that’s mentioned above. However, that didn’t really work for us.

Is there anything else that we could try?


If this does not fix your issue, then there is no other better way to cope with it at the moment. Please wait until we develop the graphics library as we already explained in the post.

Hi @ghazala7
If this is indeed working in Netcore 31 and not working in NET6, According to NET6’s official statement, this is currently the only option.
You can share your test project, as well as your building environment, such as Dockerfile, for us to investigate.


We already logged the following ticket(s) in our internal issue tracking system and will provide updates or deliver their fixes according to the terms mentioned in Free Support Policies.



Aspose.Cells now also provides .NET6.0 library that uses SkiaSharp as the graphics library, as recommended in official statement of Microsoft. For more details about using Aspose.Cells with NET6, please see the document on how to use and run Aspose.Cells for .NET6.0.

Please try using our latest version/fix: Aspose.Cells for .NET v23.3 (Releases | NuGet).