Error to open OneNote documents (2 different errors)


Hi Aspose team,

in attached project you will see 2 OneNote files that cannot be opened by Aspose.Notes.
Error messages are:

  1. Error:Page manifest node is missed.
  2. Error:Page metadata node is missed

Can you please have a look?

Oliver (436.8 KB)



Thanks for the sample project and template files.

We managed to reproduce both your mentioned issues using your sample code and documents. We will log appropriate tickets and get back to you with more details and issue ids.



I have logged the following two tickets for your issues into our database. We will look into these issues to try to figure these out soon:
NOTENET-2850 - Exception “Page manifest node is missed” when loading a document
NOTENET-2851 - Exception “Page metadata node is missed” when loading a document

Once we have an update on any of the issues, we will let you know.