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Error when converting of ODT with special Fonts to PDF


if we convert the attached ODTs to PDF, text with special font is missing in PDF.

ODTs.zip (1,1 MB)

Same behavior with your online demo.

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Can you provide the code snippet you are using?


var document = new Document("Input.Odt");                                                         
var saveOptions = new Aspose.Words.Saving.PdfSaveOptions();
document.Save(Out.pdf, saveOptions);

There is no functionality in the Aspose.Pdf library to pass the doc/docx format (or odt) to the Document constructor.

In this case your own documentation is wrong:
If you try the code on this site, the described error EXACTLY occur :slight_smile:

Please tell me how to convert ODT files to PDF in an other way to solve this problem!
And please, correct your own documentation if it is wrong, then we both can save a lot of time.

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Since the question was asked in the Aspose.PDF Product Family group, I wrote about the Aspose.PDF library in my answer.
Libraries.png (40.1 KB)
I apologize for limiting myself to this.
I checked the work of the code with the data you provided with the Aspose.Words library - there are indeed inconsistencies. Since the question is related to Aspose.Words, I’m moving it to the appropriate category, where you will be provided with appropriate assistance.

SORRY, OK :slight_smile:

@AStelzner The problem might occur because fonts used in the original document are not available in the environment where the document is rendered. Aspose.Words needs the fonts used in the document to build document layout upon conversion to PDF. If Aspose.Words cannot find the font used in the document, the font is substituted. This might lead into fonts mismatch and document layout differences due to the different fonts metrics. You can implement IWarningCallback to get notifications when font substitution is performed.
Please see our documentation to learn how to specify location where Aspose.Words will look for fonts:

On my side for the Bestallung zurück.odt document Aspose.Words shows the following warnings:

Font 'Fira Sans Medium' has not been found. Using 'Arial' font instead. Reason: font info substitution.
Font 'Fira Sans' has not been found. Using 'Arial' font instead. Reason: font info substitution.
Font 'Fira Sans Light' has not been found. Using 'Arial' font instead. Reason: font info substitution.
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Ok, thanks :slight_smile:

The Warning said, that Arial will be used instead, but the text is completly missing!

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@AStelzner thank you for additional information. We have opened the following new ticket(s) in our internal issue tracking system and will deliver their fixes according to the terms mentioned in Free Support Policies.

Issue ID(s): WORDSNET-24930

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