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Error when exporting horizontal report

Hi everybody,

as the title suggests, I’ve found an error when trying to export a report with horizontal layout.

I’ve attached a file which contains:
- the jasper report .jrxml template
- a .doc with its .jrprint where I tested the report with only one element
- a .doc with its .jrprint where I tested the report with three elements

As you’ll notice, with only one element it works properly, whereas it fails with more than one.

Problem is, this report MUST be exported horizontally, as you might guess by just seeing it.

How can we solve the problem?


I found out that upgrading to aspose.jasperReports version 1.7.0 seems to solve the issue, but also alters the final rendered result.

Is there any workaround to this problem which would NOT require us to upgrade?

Thanks again in advance.

Hi Matteo,

Thanks for your inquiry. First of all, we always encourage our customers to use the latest release versions of Aspose.Words for Jasper Reports as it contains newly introduced features, enhancements and fixes for issues reported earlier. I would suggest you please use the latest version of Aspose.Words for Jasper Reports (1.7.0).

It would be great if you please share your JRXML file along with XML data source so that I can execute jrxml file at my end. I will test the scenario and will try to share the workaround if possible.

I must be honest with you: right now our company cannot afford to pay 1800$ for subscription renewal, so we must try to overcome the problem keeping our current version…

How can I provide you the XML data source you requested?

In our web application the data is fetched from the database by the jrxml report which gets dinamycally compiled each time.

Isn’t the .jrprint sufficient? The .jrxml file is included in the .zip file I attached when I opened the thread.

Hi Matteo,

Thanks for sharing the details. Please check my reply at this following forum link:

Unfortunately, we do not provide patches or hot fixes for old version of Aspose products. The only way to get a fix is upgrading to the newest version. Please note that every new release of Aspose.Words for Jasper Reports comes up with some new features, enhancements in the existing features and bug fixes.

We apologize for your inconvenience.