Error when setting license


I get a ‘Premature End of File’ error when trying to set my Aspose words license in ColdFusion. Here is the code I’m using to set it (I followed the same method that works for Aspose Cells):

<cfset LicfileI = LicFile.init(JavaCast("string","D:\Inetpub\wwwroot\Intranet\Aspose.Words.lic"))>
<cfset license.setLicense(LicfileI)>
<cfset doc=CreateObject("java", "com.aspose.words.Document").init()>
<cfset builder=CreateObject("java", "com.aspose.words.DocumentBuilder").init(doc)>
<cfset builder.write("Hello World!!!")>



Thanks for your request. Please make your license is valid. Try creating a simple java application and applying the license.
Also, you can send the license file to my e-mail and I will check it. Please follow the instructions provided here to send license file:
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Thank you for additional information. I have received your license file and it seems to be invalid. If you open your license file using notepad, you will see that it is just an empty txt file.
Best regards.