Error while converting a word document


Aspose.Words is great it converted 99% of my documents
I experienced an issue while trying to convert this document
Certification (49.2 KB)
Can you take a look as we are going to purchase the commercial verison.


After an initial test with the licensed latest version of Aspose.Words for .NET i.e. 18.10, we were unable to reproduce this issue on our end. So, we would suggest you please upgrade to the latest version of Aspose.Words for .NET. Hope, this helps.

We tested the following code on our end:

Document doc = new Document("D:\\Certification Comparison.doc\\Certification Comparison.doc");
doc.Save("D:\\Certification Comparison.doc\\18.10.pdf");

Sorry, I didn’t describe my concern well.
I would like to convert to image. This is my implementation

static void ConverWord()
		var outputDir = "C:\\tmp\\Wordchart\\";
		var url = outputDir + "Certification Comparison.doc";
		Document document = new Document(url);
		Aspose.Words.Saving.ImageSaveOptions options = new Aspose.Words.Saving.ImageSaveOptions(Aspose.Words.SaveFormat.Png);
		options.PageIndex = 0;
		options.PageCount = 2;
		options.Resolution = 90;
		document.Save(outputDir + $"Doc_Certification Comparison.png", options);

Attached is the resultDoc_Certification Comparison.doc.png (51.8 KB)


The problem occurs because you are using Aspose.Words in evaluation mode. If you want to test Aspose.Words without the evaluation version limitations, you can also request a 30-day Temporary License. Please refer to How to get a Temporary License?.

We have also generated a PNG on our end by using the code you mentioned in previous post. (113.1 KB)

thanks Awais.

I could make it with the Temporary License.

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