Error with visibility expression for dynamic columns in a matrix

We have a matrix with multiple columns (dynamic) which would be printed based on the number of rows in the dataset. We also have hidden expression for the dynamic column based on a field (show_totals) in the dataset. When the hidden expression returns False for text boxes of all the columns, we see all the columns printing which is fine. But, when we have the visibility for textboxes of one column False and textboxes of the other column True, we see that both the columns are not printing. This happens only when I preview in HTML for ASPOSE.WORDS but not through SSRS preview. I am also attaching the rdl for your analysis purposes. Please let us know if there is a fix for this.


Thanks for your inquiry. Could you please also attach file here? We will check the issue and provide you more information.
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I attached the zip file as it was not allowing me to upload file.


Thank you for additional information. Your request has been logged in our defect database. The developer, who is responsible for Aspose.Words for Reporting Services will answer you shortly.
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