I keep getting this error at random intervals when drawing reports with Aspose:

Error Message: "Class already exists": Source: "System.Windows.Forms". I've attached a text file with the detailed message.

I've added disposal code in all places where I use any System.Windows.Forms components. Does Aspose use System.Windows.Forms anywhere? If it does, could you possible check if all instances are disposed? If this is handled in Aspose, I'll have to check for some other error source in my code, but so far as I can see, I've handled it all. This error keeps popping up at random intervals, so there is no ways for me to track it to a specific line of code. This is why I'd like to rule out Aspose.Word as soon as possible as the cause to allow me to track it further in my code.

I'd appreciate if you could check this out and get back to me, as this error is causing us and our clients some frustration and I'd like to clear it up as soon as I can.

Thanks for all the help in the past! I'm really impressed with your service! Keep up the good work!

Smile [:)]


Hi Angela,

Thank you for the positive words Smile [:)]

First, Aspose.Word does not involve Windows Forms anywhere, there's no need for that since it is a regular component supposed to be used in any .NET application. Thus I'm sure the real cause of the error is not Aspose.Word.

Please try to search for the error in MSDN or Google. I googled it and found lots of references, read this for example:


Second, I unfortunately can't see any attachments here (maybe this is the forums fault, don't know), but I'm not sure if it's reasonable to reattach due to aforesaid.



Thank you for that. This at least rules out one possible source of my problem, and gets me a little closer to solving it. Smile [:)]

Thanks again!