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Escape smartmarkers?

When creating an example I tried to escape some smartmarkers using a leading apostrophe (like you can do with Excel formulas):
However, Aspose also just processes these cells and replaces the content with data just like I did not use the '
How can I escape a leading &= in a cell?


Could you put one more apostrophe as following if it works for your needs:


Using two ’ characters kind of works, but it leaves one of the ’ characters visible.
However, this is not really important to me. It just occurred when I was building a small examples to demonstrate another issue.

I don’t really need any change/fix for this - even though I still think that Aspose should leave cells starting with '&= unchanged.


Good to know that using two apostrophe works for now.

In MS Excel, when you input a value or token starting with " ’ " to a cell, MS Excel will take it as string value and omits it from the value (only formula bar will show the starting apostrophe). So to insert a ' before a value actually, you have to use two quotes.