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Esri GeoDb using as an template

Hi ,

I have a case where I have to / want to use a GeoDb database with empty layers as an template for new GeoDb database.

Why ? The Template Geodb database contains all the fields and “domains” required and do not need to add these by coding.

What I have now:

the code looks for a template geodb , if exists , copies the databases to a new given name.

I open the dataset and layer , try add or modify feature.

using ( var layer = dataset.EditLayer("layerName",options,spSRS)
 Aspose.Gis.Feature firstFeature;
firstFeature = layer.ConstructFeature();
 firstFeature.SetValue("someField", someValue);



the line “layer.Add(firstFeature);” gives the error , not supported for readonly layer " .

Is this something that can be addressed by Aspose.GIS ?


Hi, @mcanavar

I need to explore your request. I’ll be back with an answer in a couple of days.


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I reproduced the error. I have created the GISNET-1405 task and will keep you updated.


Hi ,
Thank you for exploring my request and I’m glad you have come to the same conclusion.
I hope you can provide a fix soon.



Could you please look into support for " Field domains " and retrieving coded and range field domains support for this format.
If this is already supported in current version, could you provide an example.


GeoDB is a peer-to-peer big data sharing ecosystem powered by blockchain technologies.

I have created a ticket GISNET-1406 and update you here as soon as additional information is available.

Hi @Evgeniy.Timofeev,

Are we still talking about the same thing ? I was referring to the "ESRI File Geodatabase " and the “Field domains” feature to ensure valid input and reference to code / description tables.

Bit confused.


Thanks for clarifying. I corrected the issue.