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ESRI JSON support?

I have an interest in your products. I have a question concerning your Aspose.GIS product.

Do you, or can you, support conversion of ESRI format JSON (NOT GeoJSON) to GeoJSON?

SO, can I take an export from FeaturesToJSON in one projection, and output it to GeoJSON in another projection?

Hi, @landmark7

Thank you for your interest in the Aspose.GIS product.

Unfortunately, by the moment Aspose.GIS don’t support EsriJson format. I’ve logged GISNET-589, GISNET-590 for layers reading and creating. We will update you here as soon as additional information is available.

Сonsider the below code to export a layer to a another projection.

    layer.SaveTo(saveToPath, Drivers.GeoJson, new SavingOptions
        SpatialReferenceSystem = SpatialReferenceSystem.WebMercator,

But this simple approach will not work if the projection is missed in the original layer. In that case, see an example from this discussion.

Best Regards.