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EULA allows for repackinging the Aspose.Words for Java library?

I’m integrating the Aspose.Words for Java library into an existing technology stack of a large application. We have a standard practice to repackage any 3rd party libraries such as aspose-words-18.11-jdk16.jar, and add any additional files required.

  1. Extract the aspose-words-18.11-jdk16.jar into a work dir
  2. Add additional files to work dir (these go into the root dir of the new archive):
  • Aspose.Words.lic
  • thirdpartylicenses-Aspose.Words for Java.txt
  • README_aspose-words.txt (custom README file required for all 3rd party libraries within our techstack)
  1. Create a new JAR named of the work dir
  2. JARs are signed by our own application

The same steps would be performed when a new Aspose.Words for Java version is released by Aspose. For easier updates to our application, the library file name is changed to so only the new revision of this file needs to be installed.

Reading up on the EULA, I’m thinking only the following paragraph relates to the above practice:

2.5. Disassembly. You may not reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble or in any other way try to gain access to information regarding the construction of the Product(s).

In my view, we’re not disassembling the Aspose.Words for Java to for that purpose. To ensure we are compliant with the EULA, kindly confirm the following:

  1. Is it allowed to repackage the Aspose.Words for Java as described above?
  2. Is it allowed to rename / redistribute Aspose.Words for Java as instead of aspose-words-18.11-jdk16.jar?


Thanks for your inquiry. Yes, your understanding is correct and it is allowed. Please let us know if you have any more queries.

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