Evaluate Aspose.PDF for .NET to Generate PDF files - Giberish Member names inspecting Document in Visual Studio

I am evaluating Aspose.PDF for my company. In a test project in Visual Studio 2019, I created an instance of Aspose.Pdf.Document. When I inspect the object all the members have gibberish names.

gibberish.gif (95.2 KB)

Is this normal. Or is it a limitation of the evaluation version of the library.


Can you please share source file along with sample project so that we may further investigate to help you out.

AsposeTest.zip (463.5 KB)

Just add Aspose.PDF.dll version to the root folder of the project.


I have worked with source file shared by you using Aspose.PDF and unable to observe the issue. I have also shared output in text file with you. Can you please try to use license on your end and share feedback with us if there is still an issue.outputPDF.zip (1.3 KB)

Hi. This output is what I see in the console also. The problem is when I hover my mouse over the Document object (pdfDocument) in Visual Studio (see the image I attached to my first post). In this case many of the member names, and in some cases values, seem to be obfuscated.

I do no have a license. I am evaluating the evaluation library.


There are no such limitations in the evaluation version of the API which you are noticing. By looking at the screenshot, it seems that you are inspecting non-public members of the object which are supposed to be obfuscated. Please check the attached screenshot which we observed while opening your file in our environment.

MembersAndValues.png (17.0 KB)

Ok. I’ve never come across obfuscated non-public properties before. This is what confused me.



Thanks for your feedback.

Please keep evaluating our API and you can also try 30-days free temporary license with which you will be able to evaluate API without any restrictions. In case you need further assistance, please feel free to let us know.