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Evaluation limit exceeded: 100 features per file


I am using SITE OEM licenses for Aspose.GIS for .NET. It was working fine earlier. Now, getting an error message - Evaluation limit exceeded: 100 features per file. For troubleshooting, I replaced license file in BIN folder but no help. Please assist in this out asap.


Hi, @DurgMish

Thank you for choosing our product.

What version of Aspose.GIS for .NET are you using? How long ago did you update your license or Aspose.GIS for .NET


Hi Evgeniy,

I am using Aspose.GIS for .NET V20.12. I just replaced the license file in BIN folder after receiving error yesterday.


I think you should try the full path to the license file in the code below that applies the license.

Aspose.Gis.License license = new Aspose.Gis.License();

If the problem is not resolved, then the new license may be corrupted. Try contacting the license provider.

I can check the license if you send it to me (attach on the forum).


As per your suggestion, I tried the full path but still getting the evaluation limit error message.
Please find attached the license files. (1.4 KB)

I have checked compatibility with Aspose.GIS v20.12 and more. Your license is fully valid. I can’t reproduce problem.

It seems. Your application uses an old license file. Try looking for old licenses in the following places:

  • The folder that contains the entry assembly (your .exe)
  • The folder that contains Aspose.GIS.dll
  • The folder that contains the assembly that called Aspose.GIS.dll
  • An embedded resource in the assembly that called Aspose.GIS.dll.

Also maybe the application code contains several points to apply license file.