Evaluation package performance



I am trying to run evaluation version of Aspose.BarCode_for_Cpp_Win_19.5 built using Aspose.BarCode.Example.Cpp.sln.

SmartPtr barCodeReader = MakeObject(fileName, DecodeType::EAN13);

First, it hangs inside last statement for more then 2 minutes, consuming almost 99% of CPU, then returns with valid result.

Is it expected performance of the decoder ?

Is any setting I missed to improve performance ?

Second, I did not find any examples how to run it for MultyDecodeType like DecodeType::Types1D.

I have tryed
SmartPtr barCodeReader = MakeObject(fileName, DecodeType::Types1D); compiler error

SmartPtr decodeType = MakeObject(DecodeType::Types1D);
SmartPtr barCodeReader = System::MakeObject(fileName, decodeType); compiler error

ArrayPtr<SharedPtr> decodeTypes = MakeObject<ArrayPtr<SharedPtr>(); compiler error
SmartPtr barCodeReader = System::MakeObject(fileName, decodeType);

Did I miss something ?

Testing on .BMP 8 bit/pixel 752*480 image using temporary evaluation license.

Would you please help me.


Sergey Berg.


We are working on this query and request you to spare us little time to provide our feedback on this issue.


For the performance issue, most probably you are running examples in debug mode. Performance in the debug mode is not good at all so we would like to recommend trying release mode first and then let us know your feedback.


Hello Ahsan,

Thanks for the recommendation. It really improved the performance.

Still I am struggling to set up multiple barcode types to decode in C++ program.

Could you please point me to some compilable and executable example.


We are working for providing you a working example and need little more time. Please be patient until this sample is ready.