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Evaluation Questions for 3D formats GLB, GLTF, FBX, and OBJ

We are testing your software in advance of deciding to purchase. These 3D formats have several components and we would like to clearly understand what you support and what you do not support.

  • Mesh Triangles and Vertices:
    It seems you support reading in the 3D vertices and triangles from the 4 formats we are interested in
  • UV Values:
    We are not able to read in always the UV values in that sometimes the UV count does not match the vertex count. What are any known limitations importing UV values for these four formats?
  • Texture Images to apply using the UV’s:
    We would like to know what limitations there are to importing the texture images. This is a very important point for our use case. Reading in the triangles without the correct texture data does not work for us. So far we cannot find a way to get the texture images in GLB, OBJ, and GLTF. With FBX it works sometimes bot other cases fail. Can you please comment on your support for texture images for these four formats?
  • Animations:
    Do you support the import of animations?


We are collecting the information related to your requirements and will get back to you shortly.


You can read files directly into TriMesh instead of Mesh in the next version if you have such requirement, then you will not need a Mesh as an intermediate format.

Aspose.ThreeD.Mesh reuses data as much as possible, so UV values and even normals do not match the vertex count directly, but they can be mapped in the correct way.

If you convert the Mesh into TriMesh, all vertex data like normals/binormals/uv are matched to vertex count.

Texture instance records exactly what it is in the input files, so if the .gltf/.glb/.obj/.fbx referenced an external file, all you can get is the file name, you need to read these files by your own.

For embedded texture(.gltf/.glb/.fbx can support, but not always turned on), you can get the raw content by property Texture.Content.

Do you support the import of animations?

You can read animation data from FBX files, but for .gltf/.glb is not supported yet. Calculate the animated scene at specified time is not supported yet. Animation is our primary goal in 2021 roadmap. The ticket ID logged for this task is THREEDNET-808. We will keep you posted with the status of ticket resolution. Please be patient and spare us some time.