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Evaluation questions for Aspose words

Hello support

I have some questions regarding Aspose Words.

We have a rather large software that visualizes and displays data in several ways (grids, charts, maps, gauges etc) on Winforms, WPF and Silverlight. We are looking for a way to “export” these components to word and/or pdf in order to post-process and print them. So our users should have a button to export one or a series of the components they see on screen to word/pdf (WYSIWYG).

It is important for us that the result is of very high quality - so fonts etc in grids should not be blurred.

So here my questions:
* Is there a built in feature in Aspose Words that supports something like a “WPF control to Word/PDF” export?
* If no, is it possible to create images of those controls and add them to word/pdf
* Can Aspose Words provide something like a “remaining height in page” property so we know how much space there is left on the current page?
* Are images that are added to word/pdf preserving their quality or are they compressed?

Thanks for your help


Thank you for your interest in Aspose.Words.

1. No, there is no built-in feature in Aspose.Words to convert WPF control to Word.

2. You can use code suggested here to convert a WPF control to an image:

Then you can insert this image into MS Word document using Aspose.Words.

3. No, there is no way to determine the remaining space on a page. MS Word document is flow document, i.e. it does not contain any information about its layout into pages.

4. Yes, images are preserving their quality.

Best regards,

Hi Alexey

Thanks for your answer.

Regarding 3)
Does your PDF-component provide such features?
If yes, will images preserve quality in pdf?

The reason for my question: Using the sample you provided for question 2) - creating images - we would like the images to exactly fit into the remaining page of the document.
If you have any idea how to do that please let us know…

Another question: We would like to print components using the standard WPF printing approach (fixeddocuments etc). Do you have features to export those prints to word and pdf instead of sending them to the printer?




Thanks for your request.

Regarding 3) I think it would be better to ask in the Aspose.Pdf forum. My colleagues from Aspose.Pdf team will answer you shortly.

Maybe in your case you should simply produce a separate page for each image:

Do you mean converting XPS (fixed) documents to Word and PDF? If so, then answer is no. Aspose.Words does not allow converting XPS to PDF or Word.

Best regards,