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Evaluation Technical Questions

I’ve been using the evaluation version in order to test out the features and I couldn’t find a couple technical questions in the forum (I did search, but came up empty, at least on the free forum). Any help would be appreciated to help me know if we should use Aspose.Barcode.

  • Does this work in Azure App Services? While I saw a topic or two on some issues in Azure, I never really found any definitive yes/no answer. Will be using C# .Net 5.0+.
  • Does this support MaxiCode for UPS labels? I’ve generated a maxicode with the evaluation, but it cannot be read due to the watermark. I also am wondering if Aspose is certified with UPS for maxicode, or if any other customers have had success with maxicode + UPS using Aspose?

Thanks for the help!


Yes, Aspose.BarCode is supported in Azure App Services. I have tried it with .NET 3.1 successfully.

Regarding the support for .NET5, first I tried to create a simple Azure Http Trigger template-based application on Windows and macOS but could not succeed as errors are raised at the end. Could you please create an Azure application that is targeted for .NET5 and add Aspose.BarCode to it once succeeded? If you face any issues, please share the complete running solution with us for testing here.

Yes, MaxiCode for UPS labels is supported as demonstrated in the online barcode generator and reader. You may generate a MaxiCode image and then recognize it for confirmation.

Regarding the evaluation version, note that the evaluation version of Aspose.BarCode only supports Code39 barcode recognition. If you want to test the complete product features without any evaluation warning, get a free temporary license for 30 days.

MaxiCode has been standardized under ISO/IEC 16023. If you have any query related to Aspose.BarCode, feel free to write us back. We will try to provide support at the earliest.