EWSClient does not return any messages from subfolder even though it contained some



we are building a automated solution for fetching and processing e-mails from one or more EWS subfolders.
In this particular case, we were trying to get mails from multiple subfolders (around 10) and it worked without problems for some weeks.
Suddenly when trying to get the list of one of those folders, EWSClient method “ListMessages” did not return any results anymore even though there were mails (about 60) in the subfolder.

All the other folders were fetched from correctly, only this one folder were building up on mails that weren’t imported.

This is how we call your EWSClient to ListMessages from a subfolder to process them further:

using (IEWSClient client = EWSClient.GetEWSClient(this.MailboxUri, this.Username, this.Password,   this.Domain))
       Dictionary<string, ExchangeMessageInfoCollection> messages = new Dictionary<string, ExchangeMessageInfoCollection>();

       foreach (IKeyValuePair subfolder in this.IncludedSubFolders)
             ExchangeFolderInfo info = client.GetFolderInfo(subfolder.Value);
             messages.Add(subfolder.Key, client.ListMessages(info.Uri));

After restarting the application, “ListMessages” returned messages for all the subfolders again.
Are there any known issues about this topic? How can we prevent such failures in the future?




Can you please share source file along with complete sample project so that we may further investigate to help you out. Also please test account details so for further investigation.