Excel 2003 Conditional Formatting

Hey All!

I have created a demo using Aspose.Cells and I ran into a performance problem in Excel 2003 when using Conditional Formats.

Background: Based on an html form input to an .aspx page I am constructing an excel doc and streaming it back to the requesting user. The user can then make changes to that excel doc and on another page upload that excel file back to the site. At that point I process what changes occurred in the sheet.

Initial Problem: I want to highlight a cell when it has been changed from its original downloaded value.

Initial Solution: While constructing the excel doc and setting values for each cell, also set a conditional format to highlight that cell when the value differs from the original value. This meets the functionality requirements which is to highlight what the user changed as they changed it.

Example: fcs.AddCondition(FormatConditionType.CellValue, OperatorType.NotEqual, cells[x, y].StringValue, cells[x, y].StringValue);

Performance Problem: I found that when creating roughly 2000 rows by 25 columns caused Excel 2003 to crawl to a halt. Scrolling became choppy as well as updating a cell takes roughly 7 seconds.

Im curious if anyone has a work around to this type of problem?

Thanks in advance....


Could you post your same codes and created file ? It will help us check this issuse.