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Excel 2003 XML - FontOptions - StyleFlag Class


I’m testing Aspose for Cells. I’m considering to use it to replace a SSIS solution which creates Excel 2003 files in an XML format.

First thing I tumbled over is FontOptions. They seem not to exist in Aspose. What do I need to do for example if I need to use Wingdings Family like Wingdings, Wingdings 1 or Wingdings 2?

Is it possible to define a standard Font with different sizes and apply it to different styles?

Is there a more “in deep” documentation for different classes and their usage?

For example StyleFlag Class.

In the Help Documentation, the only thing I can find about it is “Represents flags which indicates applied formatting properties.”

More details in the documentation and some examples would be helpful.



Thanks for providing us some details.

Regarding set/apply Font(s) with attributes and styles to the worksheet cells, please see the document for your reference:
Also, you may see the following documents/ articles for further reference:

And, regarding StyleFlag class, well, it is used to apply your desired formatting/style only to the cell/row/column or a range of cells in the worksheet, see the documents (on usage of StyleFlag options) for your reference:

Hope, this helps a bit.

Thank you.