Excel Automation Conversion


I have several programs (actually VB WSH Scripts) that are currently using the Excel.Application object. I would like to convert them to Aspose.excel, but do not want to have to rewrite every application. Is anything available (maybe a .Net wrapper someone has written) that would let me convert these scripts to the Aspose.Excel control.

I realize that the WSH scripts are using an Active/X Com object and I can work my way around that issue. What I need is something that will take in all of the Excel Automation commands and map them to the proper Aspose.Excel methods and/or properties.

Thank you in advance.


Though Aspose.Excel Apis is similar to Excel VBA object model, we don't have such a simple conversion wrappers.

What's VB WSH Scripts? Could you post some simple sample code here? If you'd like to pay some fees, we can provide the service to port your code to using Aspose.Excel.