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Excel Cell to html without <table><tr> <td> format


As we are using Aspose.
I wanted to explore is there any option in aspose to convert cell rich text to Html.

Our requirement is to embed excel cell content as html to one of rich text editor.



Would you please explain a bit more about your requirements. You may please share some sample source file along with an expected output or screenshots. We will check related information at our side and share our feedback with you.

Hi Asad,

Thanks for your attention.

I could see a method GetHtmlString(true) from Aspose.Cells that I used to convert cell value to html.

Note: Cell value is text with added formatting from excel. which I am expecting to be converted to html including all styling I added in excel .

For example

Test text

  • Test text
  • Test text

But I can see it can not convert Bold and Italics format.
Can you highlight what can be the issue here .



In order to identify the issue, we need to replicate it in our environment. As per our understandings, you want to generate HTML from Excel document and want to preserve all formatting/styling from Excel file. Please note that Aspose.Cells already offers this feature and it is dedicated to deal with Excel files. In case you are noticing any issue, you can report it in Aspose.Cells forum category where you will be assisted.

Furthermore, if you are trying to get HTML String of particular cells using Aspose.Cells and then trying to convert that string using Aspose.HTML, you can please share some sample file and sample code snippet which you tried so far. This would help us investigating the issue accordingly and share our feedback with you.

Thanks Asad for the information,
I will see further. anything comes will post in Aspose.Cells


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Hi @asad.ali

As we could achieve what I needed using Aspose.Cell 's cell.GetHtmlString(true).

Had one question, wanted to get clarification regarding licence of Aspose.Cell 's cell.GetHtmlString(true) method which is the only method we are using to get html, we are not generating excel, So do we need licence for that even if we are not generating excel.

As we already have Aspose.Word licence enabled .



In case your program/application is using the methods of Aspose.Cells, you need to get its license as well. You could get your desired output in some cases without a license where trial version limitations do not comply. But, you will be getting an Evaluation Message as an Exception in most of the cases.