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Excel chart Errorbars

I’ve been evaluating ASPOSE.Excel for a local application in which I download Excel charts which include errorbars (standard deviations). I can’t see anything in the API that enables this. Am I missing something?

David Low

Dear David,

Thanks for your consideration.

Excel chart is very complicated. Aspose.Excel support Excel chart in two ways:
1. Chart in designer
If you create Excel chart in a designer file, Aspose.Excel can import it and retain all information and write to the result file.

2. Chart API
Aspose.Excel also supplies Chart API to dynamically create Excel chart. In these way, some advanced features are not supported now, including error bars.

I suggestion that you can create a chart with error bars in designer file and use Aspose.Excel to change the source data. I guess that can meet your need.

If you really need API to manipulate the error bars, please let me know. I will add it in future release.