Excel Chart Markers



I wanted to find out if you can implement a class for Aspose.Excel that will correspond to the excel chart markers. So, the development can set programmatically the shape of the marker, its color, size, etc. for each chart series separately.

Thank you.


Yes. We can add this class to let you set chart markers. I will let you know while it’s available.


Now it’s available! Please download hotfix 2.2.4 and try the following code:

for(int i = 0; i < chart.NSeries.Count; i ++)
ASeries aseries = chart.NSeries[ i ];
aseries.MarkerStyle = ChartMarkerType.SquarePlus;
aseries.MarkerSize = 10;
aseries.MarkerForegroundColor = Color.Red;
aseries.MarkerBackgroundColor = Color.Yellow;


Hi Laurence,
I just wanted to tell you a big Thank You, for such a prompt reply and quick resolution of this problem. Everything seams working beautiful. I’m very glad to have a business with such a responsible team of developers and with a helpful, well-design peace of software.
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Hello Laurence, I am trying to set Markers on a Line/Column chart, excel ver 2.4.x.x.

I can not get the markers to show up. In excel they show as .None.

Here’s the code.

With c1.NSeries(0)

.Type = ChartType.Line

.Line.Color = Color.Red

.Line.Weight = WeightType.HairLine

.Line.Style = LineType.Solid

.MarkerSize = 6

.MarkerStyle = ChartMarkerType.Circle

.MarkerForegroundColor = Color.Red

.MarkerBackgroundColor = Color.Yellow

End With

What do you think I’m missing ? I see posts about using ASeries but I don’t know what the ASeries is and I assume this this code allows me to set these values, then they would work… (above). Just confused if its working and a bug or if its because its not supported yet.